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Here Comes the Fall!

Fall Is Just Around the Corner!

Summer is almost gone and fall is fast upon us. We have been working hard in the fields to get the plants ready for winter and making the walking experience this fall even better. As many of you know we closed early this year as a result of the excessive heat. We do plan this fall, to have a holiday open house in late October. Lots of great gifts for the holidays! We will let you know as soon as the dates are final.
Now to try and answer the question that we get every fall, and that is “What should we do with our plants for the winter?” There are many thoughts as to what should be done but let us list a couple and you can pick which works best for you. These are in no particular order.
Number one is prune the plants back one third. Never cutting in to the wood.
Number two is to cut back the green on the plant to within two inches of the wood. Again, never cutting into the wood.
Number three is to wait until spring to prune the plants.
We give our plants a brief haircut in both the fall and spring, cutting off the dead parts and trying to shape the plant. We try and do this at least six weeks before the first frost in the fall and in April in the spring.
Also remember, the plants need lots of moisture going into the winter. Yes, even lavender!
We hope this helps.