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Give the Give the Gift of Lavender for Valentine's Day!!

Creamer and Sugar Bowl Combo Special Offer
Exclusive pitcher/sugar Bowl Sale
Lavender/Herbs in Terra Cotta Pots Tea Towel
A wonderful gift for the holidays!
Portugal Tea Towel
A terrific gift for the holidays!
Lavender & Sun Flower Tea Towel
A must gift for the holidays
Organic Lavender Trio Sachet
Organic Lavender Trio Sachet
Lavender Gift Box Special
Lavender Gift Box Holiday Special
Lavender Dryer Sheets/Pillow Insert
A pack of three dryer sheets to help make your...
Lavender Neck Comforter
Lavender Neck Comforter
Organic Lavender Duets
Two beautiful organic lavender sachets
Closet/Suitcase Hanger
Organic lavender closet hanger
Lavender By The Yard
Organic  lavender by the yard
Single Organic Lavender Sachet(1/2 oz)
1/2 oz. organically grown lavender sachet in beautifully hand painted...
Single Organic Lavender Sachet (1 oz)
1 oz organic lavender sachet in beautifully embroidered bag.
Set of 6 Organic Lavender Sachets
Set of six sachets, each bag containing 1/4 oz. of...
White Lavender soap
Enjoy the soothing and cleansing qualities of lavender/goats milk soap.
Purple Lavender soap
Enjoy the soothing and cleansing qualities of lavender/goats milk soap.
Organic Lavender Hydrosol
When distillation of our organic lavender is completed we have...
Lavender Filled Coasters
Handmade Organic Coaster
Organic Lavender Embroidery hoop
Organic lavender handmade embroidered wall hanging
Lavender Gnome
Organic Lavender Gnome
Lavender Jug
A beautiful new lavender pattern small jug to add to...
Lavender Oval Platter Limited Edition
A beautiful new addition to our exclusive Mosse Pottery offerings. ...
Handmade Nicholas Mosse Lavender Irish Mug
Hand made Nicholas Mosse lavender mug designed especially for Washington...
Lavender Handmade Cream Pitcher
Exclusive Lavender Pitcher. Order now!
Lavender Handmade Sugar Bowl
Nicholas Mosse Handmade Sugar Bowl
Washington Creek Lavender Solid Purple Mug
Washington Creek Lavender Special Mug
Washington Creek Lavender two-tone mug
Washington Creek Lavender Special Mug
Organic Culinary Lavender
Certified organic lavender for cooking
Washington Creek Lavender Cap
Washington Creek Lavender Cap
Lavender Scented Candle
Enjoy the soothing fragrance of lavender from this  handmade  candle ...

Welcome to Our Farm

It is our labor of love! With more than 6,000 thriving lavender plants our passion for this wonderful plant grows and grows. For many years we wanted to grow lavender, enchanted with the idea of seeing beautiful purple plants dotting the horizon in rows like little soldiers, ready and able to heal, relax and soothe. We are still fascinated by its ability to mesmerize as it relaxes and stimulates.

New Products on the Way!

We have good news and even better news; however, the latter will take a bit more time. Because of the run on our products a number of them have gone

Our Gnomes Urge You to Give Lavender for the Holidays!

Yes, summer is gone and fall has arrived. The leaves are turning yellow and red, the grass is turning brown and the winds are blowing cool air. What a difference

A Brief Update

As you know, our products are all hand sown, hand painted and contain certified organic lavender. Since our farm store is closed for the summer, many people have called and

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