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Our On-line Store is Open with New Handmade items Plus a New Shipment of Mosse Pottery!

Give the Gift of Lavender for the Holidays!

Welcome to Our Farm

It is our labor of love! With more than 6,000 thriving lavender plants our passion for this wonderful plant grows and grows. For many years we wanted to grow lavender, enchanted with the idea of seeing beautiful purple plants dotting the horizon in rows like little soldiers, ready and able to heal, relax and soothe. We are still fascinated by its ability to mesmerize as it relaxes and stimulates.

Believe It Or Not the Holidays Are Coming!

Yes, believe it or not it really is “that time of the year” to start doing your holiday shopping.  Although they are not terribly sexy a pack of three organic

Harvest Completed! Nicholas Mosse Potterty Has Arrived!

Hello from the farm.  We know it’s been a good bit of time since we last updated our blog.  Our excuse is that we have been up to our  knees

No Purple Until Late June Farm Not Open!

We are currently in the weeding , planting, and fence-fixing process on the farm and this will take a number of weeks . And , we don’t expect to see

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