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Please Check Blog Below for Farm Opening Date!

Welcome to Our Farm

It is our labor of love! With more than 6,000 thriving lavender plants our passion for this wonderful plant grows and grows. For many years we wanted to grow lavender, enchanted with the idea of seeing beautiful purple plants dotting the horizon in rows like little soldiers, ready and able to heal, relax and soothe. We are still fascinated by its ability to mesmerize as it relaxes and stimulates.

Hang on! We are almost there!

Here is a quick update on the status of the farm. As of today May 4 the plants are still fast asleep and looking gray. Some of the plants are

Just Wait!

Just wait. Don’t rush . There are two questions that we get almost every spring. My plants look dead what should we do, and when should we plant new plants.?

Work at Washington Creek Lavender

Have you ever thought about working on a Lavender Farm? Well now may be the chance! As we sit here in March we are working on when to open, the

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