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Welcome to Our New Website!

Welcome to our newly updated Washington Creek lavender website. We hope you enjoy the new look and find it easy to use. As the year progresses we hope to add items that will help you with your gardening, raising lavender, and just enjoying some pretty pictures. As you can see Addy has had a tough time putting it together!

People ask us the best time to plant lavender? The simple answer is if you’re planting in the spring you should wait till after the last frost. For our area that usually is around Mother’s Day– early May. If you’re not going to plant in the spring and want to plant for the fall you should plant 6 to 8 weeks before the first frost, so you’re probably looking at sometime in August but again that’s just for where we are.

As for when our farm is going to be open, at this point in time we’re really not sure given the turmoil in the world. We just have to wait and see. So we hope you’ll check back to learn a little about lavender and gardening and enjoy our website.

One final business note, all of the prices of our products in our on-line store include tax.

Welcome to our new site!

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