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We have made progress!

.We have made progress! It has taken just more than six weeks but we have made what we believe is a terrific amount of progress. OK, we have made a lot of progress. We have planted more than one thousand plants that are now, in most cases, at least double the size of when we planted them. We have pulled out hundreds of plants that did not make it through the winter, and we have cut back most of the rest. We could not have done this without a great group who you met in last months blog. The only person not seen was Angie, as she was off that day, but she is pictured here. We will have the shop open for a few more weeks and then open for special events this fall. Also, our web store is always ready to help you with your order. Again, just a reminder, we are certified organic and run the farm on solar power. More to come… Please stay tuned!

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