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There is no purple in the fields but our farm will open July 1

Please note the three pictures. The first is what a major portion of the fields look like now. The second is what they looked like last year. And the third, is what they looked like four weeks ago. We are Saddened by what happened this winter to our field. -22 degrees one day and one week later +70 degrees. A 92 degree swing in just one week! The plants were confused and so were we! We will continue. We have cut back and pulled out hundreds of plants and 1,000 new lavender plants have been planted in the last three weeks. We are excited about the new look to come. Our farm and gift shop shop will open on July 1 and will be open Wednesdays through Saturdays from 9 AM to 1PM until later in the summer. We thank you for your continued support! Please stay tuned!

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