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The Harvest Has Started!

Yes, the harvest has begun. Since various varieties become ready for harvest at different times, the fields maintain a purple hue even after we start. This being said we should be fully harvested within a couple of weeks(early July). First we are harvesting our Angustifolia species, Folgate, French Fields, Melissa, and Buena Vista to name a few. And then we move on to the X-Intermedia plants, Grosso, Dilly Dilly, Super, etc.
Even after all is harvested there is still lots to see. Speaking of stills our hand made still is up and we will be distilling our lavender a number of times in the coming weeks. Also the 18 + drying racks will be full of beautiful lavender bunches waiting to be stripped and the buds made into lavender products which will be available in our gift shop. And finally the fields will continue to be open for a fragrant summer walk.
More to come…

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