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Exclusive pitcher/sugar Bowl Sale

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Exclusive Lavender Pitcher and Bowl Special Offer..Order now!
We have been working with the Nicholas Mosse Pottery Company in Ireland on exclusive handmade products.
The response has is so terrific to the mug that people have asked us for additional items; hence, a lavender cream pitcher(jug) has been developed.   Here is what the Mosse folks have to say about the pitcher:  Our Small Jugs may be dainty, but their range of uses will surprise you! Use to serve milk at a family breakfast, cream at afternoon tea, or even hold a bouquet of flowers to brighten up your home, these pottery jugs can do it all.
After all, each one is expertly handcrafted in Ireland to ensure the durable design is beautifully finished.  10cm h (4″ h)

     Our Small Bowls are delightfully versatile, perfect for adding to your kitchen pottery collection. Each one is carefully handcrafted, ensuring long-lasting yet elegant tableware. Use to add a touch of luxury to exclusive events or to brighten up your daily routine; the choice is yours! The Lavender Pattern is a delicate floral design, perfect for any event regardless of the season.
12cm dia x 7cm h (4.7″ dia x 2.7″ h)
We are the only entity that sells this pattern! Again, we urge you to order today as we only will have a limited number!  The potters in Ireland are not working do to the pandemic.