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Plant/Purple Update!

By golly have we had rain. So much in fact that we were thinking of building an Ark and selling shares!! In all seriousness, it has truly been a wet spring; however, the plants, much against form, because lavender hates wet feet, are doing really well. As you may remember, last year we cut back and dug out thousands of plants and then replanted. We worried through the winter how they would do and we are really fortunate that they seem to be doing really well.
As of this posting the plants are beginning to “purple up” and within a few weeks should be in full bloom(fingers crossed). We have had lots of visitors so far this spring(rain or shine) and they have told us how beautiful the fields are. Thank you for your kind words! Also, one lady came into the gift shop and said she was doing her Christmas shopping! What fun!
We thank you for your continued support and look forward to seeing you this summer.
Stay safe, Jack and Kathy

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