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Just Wait!

Just wait. Don’t rush . There are two questions that we get almost every spring. My plants look dead what should we do, and when should we plant new plants.? The answer to both questions is the same; just wait. In our area of Kansas we really won’t know about a lot of our plants until mid May. As we write this blog most of our plants look gray; however, in many cases there is a slight tinge of green. Don’t do anything rash just wait and see how they do. In many cases you will be pleasantly surprised. As for when to plant, we like to do it in the spring; some folks plant in the fall as well. As for spring planting we try and wait until after the last frost. We get the ground prepared and then we just wait. This picture shows the results. I think you see the common thread; don’t rush. I know it’s tough but don’t be impatient. You will be glad you did. The picture shows the results.

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