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A Brief Update

As you know, our products are all hand sown, hand painted and contain certified organic lavender.

Since our farm store is closed for the summer, many people have called and asked where they can find our products . Once again as a reminder, our online store is always open and most of the products that we offer are available there. As well as on-line, we have three locations in Lawrence where you are able to purchase many of our products:

  • Au Marche on Mass St.
  • HyVee on Clinton Parkway
  • Pendleton’s Country Market E 1850 Rd, just East of Lawrence. 
    • And as a bit of whimsy on these early hot summer days, let our lavender gnome, who is dressed for winter, remind you, “That , be it ever so humble there is no place like gnome.” We have loads available on-line.(all hand made)!
    • More to come…
      We thank you for your continued support!